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Just a few questions about oral sex

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Hey everyone. I'm new here and not very used to message boards so if I do something wrong just point me in the right direction. :)

Ok, so about two years ago I went through a phase where I was drinking a lot and had a few one night stands. Once I quit drinking I decided I was going to get tested but three months before getting tested I I gave a man oral sex and let him ejaculate in my mouth. I immediatly spit out the semen and had heard that oral sex did not transmit HIV. I got tested (through the Home Access HIV test) and it came back negative but recently I have heard that oral sex IS a risk, and have started to worry if maybe I should get tested again since I didn't wait the full six months after the incident. I am wondering a few things because after reading up on the topic I am getting various answers from various sites.

1. Is Oral sex risky in terms of HIV? Did drinking alcohol maximize the risks?
2. Was the three months long enough for the test to detect HIV?
3. Have Home Access tests proven to be an effective way of testing? <--This is just me worrying, cause the box said it was 99.9% accurate. I am just wondering if anything has been discovered or come up in the last two years showing that this might not be as dependable as it was once thought to be.

And thank you in advance to anyone that helps me out. It's greatly appreciated. :)

Obsessive drinking and sex don't mix. You reliably tested at three months by a reliable test, which your results were negative. You have know worries about the test you've taken. Always use condoms on anal sex with plenty of water base lube. Please take the time and read the lessons section provided on this website.


I totally agree with Rodney. You have already tested reliably and conclusively negative for hiv. You are hiv negative.

Giving oral is only a very, very slight risk and no, alcohol did not increase your risk. The main way alcohol increases the risk of hiv is through the lowering of inhibitions which may lead you to have unprotected intercourse.

As long as you are using condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, you will avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple! Please read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use those condoms with confidence.

Please also read through the Welcome Thread for links to further information.


Thank you both for the replies, I tend to be somewhat of a hypochondriac and over analyze things.

However I do have one question. I read a lot of the welcome thread and all of the pertinent information to my situation, and I was just wondering if during the test where "There have been a number of studies that have closely followed MSM and heterosexual couples, in which one partner was HIV positive and the other partner was HIV negative. In all of the studies, couples that used condoms consistently and correctly during every experience of vaginal or anal sex but didn't use condoms during oral sex did not see HIV spread from the HIV positive partner to the HIV negative partner." meant that they actually ejaculated in each other's mouths? Or did they suck each other unprotected and then ejaculate outside of the mouth?

Furthermore, completely random but I was wondering. If a man ejaculates on his partners face and it gets in their eye is there a risk of transmission?

And also, how long can a person that has HIV go without having absolutely NO symptoms.

Thank you again for all your help. This site is great and has really helped me with my anxieties.


Those studies included many, many people and yes, there was full oral including ejaculation in the mouth going on with some of the participants. Not one of them became infected.

Equally rare would be the scenario of becoming infected via ejaculate in the eye. It just doesn't happen - there's never been a documented case. With all the people that participated in those studies, I would think it is safe to assume the eye thing happened to at least a few of them over the years. Of course, if you ever do get sperm in your eye, you would be wise to rinse it out without rubbing but that goes for any foreign matter you get into your eye. (and sperm in the eye stings like hell!) You are much more likely to get one of the other STIs in your eye this way and lets face it, that doesn't happen much either.


PS... I sincerly hope that you are asking these questions for future reference and not because you're still questioning your test results. You are hiv negative.


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