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I guess I am just wondering why there is no risk involved...even with a possible transmission of blood.

First of all you never kissed anyone with profuse bleeding now did you? You had no risk. End of Story.

Andy Velez:
As I think you would agree kissing is one of the most common activities before, during and after sex. We'd have known longer before today if there was any risk.

Theoretically anything other than sex with your own hand on yourself is potentially risky. In the real world of HIV, transmission just doesn't happen through kissing. As Hunter mentioned, your saliva has an inhibitory element which protects you from transmission even IF the person you were with is HIV positive. The elements that would need to come together just don't happen via kissing.

You can pick up lots of things from kissing but happily HIV isn't one of them. Really.

It was dark and I am not sure how much blood was present. Does this matter?

I am sorry to keep bothering you about this, but does the amount of blood in the mouth matter?


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