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I am really worried and I am hoping that someone can give me some advice. In the middle of December I kissed a random male for a period of time. He had really chapped lips and I am positive that I tasted blood. Moreover, I had a cut/crack on the inside of my upper lip. I do not think that it was bleeding at the time, but it may have been open.
It is now the end of January and I have been feeling sick for about two weeks. I have a cold with a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and I am really exhausted. How risky was my encounter, seeing as there was blood involved? Also, how long do the first symptoms of HIV last for? Lastly, how long after my encounter would a HIV test be accurate? This whole situation is completely consuming me, so any advice would be great. Thank you in advance!

kissing is not a risk for HIV exposure.  i don't want to get into any discussion about symptoms because they can and do vary from person to person.  the symptoms are things that also occur as the result of other illnesses, and any person who is actually positive can experience some, all or none of them.  so wipe all the symptom business out of your head.  it won't do anything but make you worry unnecessarily. 

as for the testing period, most people will seroconvert within a few weeks, but i think about 13 weeks post exposure is the ''carved in stone thou art surely negative'' standard for test results.

the whole thing is pretty irrelevent for you because you weren't really at risk for HIV from this to start with.  if you do choose to have a test at that 13 week mark (which would really be just for your peace of mind rather than any real concern), you should expect a negative result.  assuming the person was positive (which you don't know), the saliva makes an unhospitable environment for HIV and you would have to have one heck of a cut (and gulping a good bit of blood) for this to even stand the the remotest chance of happening.  that's just not a realistic scenario.  you are fine.

read the welcome thread here and the lessons section to find out the real scoop on HIV and transmission. 

take care.

did i do ok, andy? 

Andy Velez:
Even if you had been kissing an HIV+ Dracula just after a fresh kill you wouldn't have been at risk from your kissing episode. Kissing is not a risk for transmission period.

Read the lessons on transmission and testing. There's a link to them in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You get all the basics there and knowing that information should help you to avoid unnecessary worrying such as you have been experiencing over this harmless incident.

Note for future reference that neither the presence nor the absence of symptoms is ever the way to accurately know your HIV status. Only an HIV test taken at 13 weeks after a genuinely risky incident such as intercourse without a condom will accurately tell you your HIV status.

You do not need to get tested in relation to this kissing experience.

Thank you both so much for your timely responses! You really do an amazing job here. Last time I will ask...So there was really no risk even if there was blood and an open cut?

Not even with an open cut.


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