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Jonathon -- need your input regarding legislation

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this has been discussed very much here...i did try to find a link to the old forums but couldn't do so..

We all agree that people who purposely and knowingly infect others is wrong.

But the big issue is, where do you draw the line.

Informed consent like some states?  Well, people have gone to prison because they didn't prove they informed their partners.

It is a very bad thing for hiv pos people to have laws like this on the books.

If i go out and fuck someone tonight, wearing a condom but not telling them, should I be thrown in jail?

If I do tell them and they agree to have sex... but later get mad at me for any reason... they can make this claim against me which is virtually indefensible. 

If you were an angry ex... for whatever reason... you could make me go to prison by saying I didn't tell you that I was hiv poz.

that's whats wrong with this.

too many people get abused by it.

There are already laws in every state to cover intentional infections I think.

A rapist is much different than a lover... but in the eyes of the law... when that relationship goes bad... the hiv poz person is evil.

I am shocked and frightened you would even suggest a course of action.   Hiv, in terms of legal law is no different than syphhiillus.

but people dont get prosecuted for spreading that or any other disease.

Now, I do agree, those who wantonly go out trying to infect people should be punished... but laws like that leave no room AT ALL for the innocent who have a bitter or angry ex-boyfriend.

In the eyes of the law, they are just as guilty.

Perhaps you should first petition for the lot of us to be quarranteened and shipped of to an inland somewhere.

I am just ill reading your suggestion.

In this instance, I concur wholeheartedly with Bailey. Anyone with hurt feelings, or a streak of vicious can make an allegation, and completely ruin another person's life.
I have an ex-boyfriend who would be a prime candidate for just such an allegation.
About a year ago, one of our brethren from Germany met a man at the steam room, and they essentially had a mutual masturbation situation. The other guy asked, and was told that our member was HIV+. He freaked out, started hurling epithets, and went on his screaming way to the emergency room to get PEP, because of his irrational fear, even though this was not a risky encounter.

There are more stories than you can shake a stick at, but these laws make us the enemy by default.
Perhaps your time could be better spent on educating, and/or advocating for our rights as citizens.

I am quite aware of the fact that there are people who do present these behaviors, but they are few, and far between. The overall majority are thoughtful people, just trying to survive in this fear mongering atmosphere.

>stepping down off my soapbox now<

The problem with these laws is the lack of balance between punishing those that knowingly and willingly infect others and protecting those that are just going about their lives in the best way they can.

It's so easy for someone to cry 'rape' - much like some women do when a man becomes famous (for a heterosexual example) - when pissed off, and HIV status provides them with a method of 'payback.'

The law as it stands is insufficient, but maybe it would be a better idea to approach your local ACLU chapter and discuss this with them.

If the law could be balanced, then it would be much better for all.

I think there are several issues running with this type of "law"   1...enforcement...who/how is this to be enforced?? as already stated it is usually someone who has been "wronged"  but you don't have any way to defend against this type of accusation unless you have some sort of notarized document..( very unlikely  )..therefore you are presumed guilty just by accusation...a very poor one sided situation.....  2. this law specifies one type of communicable disease..there are many deadly communicable diseases...some of them   inherited, some sexually transmitted and some transmitted by relatively little understood means.....  why home in on just "sexually transmitted disease" ??? aren't   hemophilia , Crones disease ,severe diabetes, various cancers , various syndromes , etc deadly diseases?????  Many, if not all ,are preventable with testing or just from family/group knowledge.  3. Punishment/legal responsibility are very different concepts in different parts of the world...( people travel relatively easily around the world to/from almost any place )... This type of legislation seems to be most prevalent in "advanced"  or Western societies.  In some parts of the world..there is a very open attitude about sex/sex pretty much takes your chances and make yourself aware of the possibilities of the other places sex is a regulated industry with fairly stringent requirements for sex workers but not for any body else...then there are the non-believers that think sex in any context is none of anybodies business but yours...
So I am not for open ended free for all take your chances  random sex  .but making the accusation become the determination of guilt is just not good law.....the ACLU will have a real ball with these cases....

I have hiv, so I have to go with Bailey. If was negative I would probably agree with a law.


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