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Jonathon -- need your input regarding legislation

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Thanks again for the speedy and reassuring replies. I'm not upset. In fact, I'm thankful for the feedback. While I tried to word my initial inquiry sincerely and respectfully, and attempted to do the same this evening--it's the risk of being misunderstood that one takes using e-mail. I meant it when I wrote that I truly don't want to bring up a topic that's tired and worn. However, I will tell you that despite any misunderstandings that arose during this thread (which is part of the lay of the e-land sans inflection and facial affect) I learned a great deal. I'm not on the outside looking judgmentally in, I'm on the inside. If you knew me and knew the motivating factors, you would know that I wish no harm, no quarantine, no ill will toward anyone. It is my hope that this forum will continue to be a place where I can learn from others' experiences and perhaps even teach by sharing my own. Totally unrelated...I love the talking parrots. Good night and good weekends to all.


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