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Three Mutations

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The code from DNA to protein requires a series of three base pairs. For example GCT codes for Alanine. However, GCA, GCC and GCG also all code for alanine. Therefore HIV can bear the mutation A, C or G at the third position and the amino acid doesn't change. If you change either the first two, it will. In addition, HIV can mutate any one of the amino acids in a given protein sequence but not all lead to mutations that confer drug resistance. For example, Tyrosine 181 in reverse transcriptase changed to a cysteine (Y181C) is a common resistance mutation for many NNRTIs. However another amino acid nearby can mutate and have no influence on drug resistance. Think of it as a genetic drift rather than a gathering storm. It's just what HIV does. Mutate itself. If there is no drug resistance, then the mutations are benign.

If you want to see which mutations in HIV reverse transcriptase or protease confer drug resistance, then I can highly recommend the Stanford Drug resistance database. If you click on NRTI, NNRTI or PI in the bottom right hand corner it will tell you all the mutations that confer drug resistance.


And here are two further links which explain what a mutation is, why it matters, and how many of them there are (or have been identified to date):



--- Quote from: whizzer on June 15, 2006, 12:17:21 AM ---David,

Three mutations?    I've read that there are 30 mutational patterns associated with resistance to NRTIs alone, not to mention the other drug classes.  My resistance profile showed 2 mutations to NRTIs, one for NNRTIs, four for PIs.  They didn't test for fusion inhibitor mutations.  Fortunately, all mutations are susceptible or maximally responsive to various meds.

Maybe he meant that YOUR resistance profile only showed three mutations.  Did you get a look at it?  It will list the drug class and mutation(s) to it, then list all the meds available and state whether it is susceptible to each med and to what extent.  Ask them to let you have a copy.  I keep a file of every lab result I've gotten.

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry, I should have been more clear.  My tests showed three mutations.  I generally get a copy of the lab results, but didn't the first time, as I was too nervous!  Thanks.



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