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When I had my last appointment, my Dr. said something about the virus having three mutations.  I meant to ask him exactly what that meant, but I got distracted (damned ADD) and forgot.  He also said that it didn't show any resistance.  Does anybody know what he meant by 'three mutations'?  Thanks!


I have no idea. Great news on the no-resistance part though!

No idea.  I thought this was about D'Artagnon and the three musketeers who befriend him.

David, there's a section that discusses mutations in the lessons

I also have mutations (2 of them).  From what I've heard/understand, mutations do not HAVE to be drug resistant.  They are just "abnormal" copies of HIV, due to the fact that HIV does not have the mechanism to "proofread" itself when it replicates (most cells do, and if they mutate, they kill themselves).  But HIV doesn't have that proofreading "tool", so the mutations go on.  Hope that makes sense.

My doc and nurse told me there's nothing to worry about - at least for now - with the mutations I have.  Probably the case with you as well.



Three mutations?    I've read that there are 30 mutational patterns associated with resistance to NRTIs alone, not to mention the other drug classes.  My resistance profile showed 2 mutations to NRTIs, one for NNRTIs, four for PIs.  They didn't test for fusion inhibitor mutations.  Fortunately, all mutations are susceptible or maximally responsive to various meds.

Maybe he meant that YOUR resistance profile only showed three mutations.  Did you get a look at it?  It will list the drug class and mutation(s) to it, then list all the meds available and state whether it is susceptible to each med and to what extent.  Ask them to let you have a copy.  I keep a file of every lab result I've gotten.


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