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was i at risk?

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my friend just recently confided in me that she has been positive for 5 years but did not tell me for fear that she would be be disowned.  of course i would not abandon her but i am very concerned about something. I have in the past helped her clean house, throw wash in the machine and what not.  i have also helped her fold her clothes.  I am concerned because i have touched her underwear with period blood and period stains without even washing my hands.  As far as i know or as much as my mind allows me to remember the blood had been dried up.  how much am i at risk.  i cannot stop stressing over this. i like her do not deserve this serious disease.  a reply will be greatly appreciated. 

Miss Philicia:
no risk

but i am not certain that the blood was dry and like i mentioned i did not wash my hands afterwards.

this is a real concern of mine.

You were never at risk.


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