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Hi Zephy

I'm glad to hear your flight went without a hitch..enjoy your time with the boys..keep us posted.

Jan :)

Hi Zephy,

Glad you made it ok. Keep us posted. Tell Paul I said hello.


Nice to hear from you Zeph. I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!

Hi All...

It always warms my heart to check in and find your many well-wishes and encouraging matter where I am in the country, I feel you close to me and what a fantastic feeling that is!

Paul and I met in the lobby of the hotel first thing yesterday he came off the elevator and said "Good Morning", I was already approaching him with arms outstretched and calling out his name...I must tell you what an incredible range of emotions that I felt shoot through my mind, and my being, to finally touch my good, good friend, at long last! Tears started to well up, the release of all this wonderful....more later about that!

These past two days at the NIH have been full, long and quite spectacular, in so many ways. (Which I will fill you in on when I get back, in much more detail...). Minh has been so gracious, he worked hard all week to free himself up totally for Paul and I today, to navigate us through the maze of hallways, elevators, and the different areas we needed to get to for the different procedures. (Thank you, doll!)

We have been treated with respect and caring by each and every staff member during our visits, and had the distinct honor of meeting the investigative physicians conducting these clinical studies. Consultations with these professionals were eye-opening, to say the least, and I'm happy to report that this morning, one of the gentlemen and his research assistant logged in as guests to take a look at AM! They were impressed with what they saw in their brief visit!

We've rested this afternoon, and tomorrow the four of us will rendezvous in the morning to begin the day at the Renoir exhibit and work our way toward the Conservatory...I'll come back on Sunday to update you about our day!

Minh and I send our love out to all of you...(and so do the kitties Jasmin and Basil!!!)

Take Care...

Zephyr and Minh

Hugs to you and Minh !

Kitty Kat Kisses from Fang


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