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worried again !!!


hi all,

last year 14th Jan 2006, i had an exposure where i end up having sex with a girl of unknown status,
i was drunk but i used condoms for the intercourse, condom didnt break,
after that incident i got totally freaked out, i got tested at 6 weeks,13 weeks and 6 months, came back negative.
all ELISA done, but last time when i went for the test, that nurse told that its gud to get tested after one year.
please tell me is it gud to test after one year ?
i didnt had intercourse after that incident.
Also, wat is freaking me out is - while doing intercourse, condom was not covering all the shaft, only head and some part of the shaft.
please advice for the test.

Testing out to one year is excessive.  You could have stopped at 3 months for a definitive test.  You are conclusively HIV negative.  There is no need to test anymore.

Andy Velez:
Worried, if the nurse was referring to the past incident then testing out to one year is totally cocky doodie and she doesn't know what' she's talking about.

If she was just saying that if you're sexually active and it's good to have an STD panel annually, that' something we endorse.

But as far as that incident you were previously concerned about, a negative result at 13 weeks put you in the clear. You are HIV negative. Period. End of story.

But it doesn't sound like she was talking about general STD testing, so if you should ever see that nurse again tell her to read our lessons on Transmission and Testing.

And just remember yourself that mixing excessive drinking and casual sex is a dangerous combo to be avoided. Have all the safer sex you want. Just do it when you're sober.



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