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blood involved

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Hello to all,

my question on a exposure to blood:
First I want to make clear Im informed about hiv and after reading the transmission lesson I'm even more in doubt.
It happened to me that i had this incident when a difficult walking man touched my face, mouth exactly, in a crowded bus. The worst thing was I tasted blood on my lips moments after it. Im a careful person and afraid of this, because I dont know what to think next...
what I do know that there is a chance of transmission when this man is a hiv+, I've read something about 0,1% chance when there is a mucuous contact with fresh blood.
Is this going to chance when i have a cut in my mouth? or is this a case of worrying un-neccesseraly?

hope don't need any testing

Andy Velez:
This incident is totally in the if if IFFY domain.

Theoretically almost anything can be considered a potential risk. But in the real world of HIV you were absolutely not at risk for transmission. HIV is a very fragile virus and if it was transmittable in the kind of everyday occurence you're concerned about we would have known about it long before today.

No, you were not at risk.

And no, you don't have to get tested. Period.

I understand the fact that transmission occurs only when there is unprotected intercourse, use of used injection needles
still why are there people who didn't participated in those activities and yet got infected?
aren't there other ways?

Yes there are.  But yours isnt one of them, and thats really what you should focus on isnt it.

yes, and actually it is when Im thinking of this nasty habit I developed.
I use saliva to clean my backars, and once I have done that after kissing with someone.

I suppose saliva is inhibitious enough for some particles hiv?


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