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afraid and suicidal

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i had unprotected sex with a girl confirmed for being hiv+ ....i tested at 14 weeks it came back negative .. how come im still negative .. shall i test again or wait for 6 monthes .. maybe the antibodies test i did was week or old mind will not stop i am suicidal i live in a poor country  and i have no idea what kind of test was used it was probably some cheap crappy test ... plz anybidy help me ,.... going crazy

If you had a negative test at 14 weeks then you are negative.  Now go change the heading on this thread.

Andy Velez:
If you have tested HIV negative at 14 weeks then you ARE HIV negative. Period. End of story. No further HIV testing is necessary.

You do need to learn from this experience. You can have all the sex you want and with whomever you want to. Just make sure that everytime you have intercourse you use a condom. No exceptions no matter what is going on or how great your partner looks or what you think you know about their history. A condom everytime.

What's this suicide stuff about!!!??? Cut the dramatics! You're HIV negative.

Keep the condoms handy and use them. so you'll stay HIV negative.

why do many many peoplle and doctors and websites say 6 monthes ...  also  the test being old or not sensitive .. any thoughts there ... she was + guys i had hardcore sex with her .. i know hiv is an std then how come im negative till now ..

giggs, did you read the "Welcome" thread and read the lessons?


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