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My home delivery copy just arrived, and there it is, with "GAY MEN & CRYSTAL METH" in HUGE letters at the top of the full page ad. This will certainly get some attention.

As one who definitely attributes my HIV status to my use of meth, this is great thing to see. As the ad states, we must not "let crystal meth destroy another generation of gay men." Amen.


Peter Staley:

If you can't buy The Times, you can see a version of the ad at our new website,

On the home page, click the "See the New York Times ad" button in the lower right corner.

Please leave your comments about the ad on this new website, using the "SHOUT OUT" link.

Also, please consider signing the online version of the ad by clicking the "WHY SIGN ON?" link.



Hello Peter,

 I bought my copy of the New York Times, this morning at 4:00 am. I've got to say, that this was a very impressive ad. It jumped right out of the paper at ya, and was right inside the first couple pages.

Our New York Times addition, is printed in Lakeland, Florida, and the ad appeared on Page A-5.

I thought the ad was very well written, and hopefully, will bring awareness to the ever growing problem of crystal meth, in the gay community.

It has been just 34 years, since I last done Crystal. I did it for a period of about 8 months, almost on a daily basis, when I was in the Army. I snorted it, and main lined it. I was also very fortunate, back then to have the common sense to realize the dangers of this drug and the addictiveness of it. It wasn't only the drug I was addicted to, it was the needle also.

I guess, I have become somewhat complacecent through the years. This ad, certainly gives all of us the necessary wake up call so badly needed. It's obvious, that the "War on Drugs" started so many years ago, is not doing it's job ( I never liked the idea of "war on drugs", that is simply not the answer, and is much more complexed then that, as stated in this ad.

I managed to copy the ad on two 11 by 17 sheets, and will see if I can get permission from our local downtown Establishment to post it. I am sure the owner, would agree, that it should be posted.

Now, I have got to go over to  and check that out. To appreciate this ad, you have to see in in the paper.

Very good ad Peter/Thankyou------------Ray

Sounds great. I'll look for one today.



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