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Julie Banderas loses it as Shirley Phelps-Roper proclaims the word of God to a n

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Matty the Damned:
I love the Spectacularly Reverend Fred Phelps and his band of hate drenched followers. They really are just TOO much. Such bug-eyed venomous zealotry is to be admired. It's really special.

I particularly love the Westboro Baptist Church practice of protesting at the funerals of gay men and lesbians. Placards screeching Matthew Shephard Burns in Hell! Jesus Never Fails!!!! lend such a festive atmosphere to what is an otherwise dreary and depressing event.

As far as I'm concerned, any faggot or dyke who doesn't have an cluster of inbred Phelpsites shrieking and wailing outside their memorial service/funeral/pagan death rites ceremony has lived a failed life.


Damn, Banderas really lost it there, didn't she?

I wonder if, when she speaks about gay marriage, she continues that train of thought. I wonder if she, or her esteemed peers at FOX news, connect the rather linear dots between anti-gay sentiment, intolerance, institutional discrimination, and the violence promoted by the Phelps group?

OH MY GOD!! >:(
All I can think, after seeing that is, snipers unite!
My blood pressure just went through the roof.
I'd like to bake her some nice ratpoison muffins. :-\

That group protested a serviceperson's funeral in our area a few weeks ago. The parents of the deceased soldier are suing the group. The local TV news spoke with the father- it was pretty bad. He started out really mad, then started to cry.

There is a special place in Hell for people like that. She will get hers some day.


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