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DOes the time you get your labs work done affect T-Cell Count

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I always manage to get my appointments in between 9:00 and 10:00Am.

Which is also a about an hour after taking my AM dose. I have often wondered about getting the blood drawn, that close to taking the first dose, and if anything is affected,(viral load in particular) or if results may vary because of it.

As oters stated, viral may vary throughout the day.

Have a great day------Ray


I've wondered about this and even played with it. I ususally see me doctor in the afternoon around 3pm. I've worked out and had a big lunch. CD4=411. And then I just ran out of time and didn't have a big lunch and no work out. CD4=380. That freaked me out. So the next time I worked out and had a big lunch. CD4=430. But my VL was 69,000. I can't win. Am I spiking my results when I workout before the blood draw? I don't know. I guess I'd just rather see how high I can get than how low if it is even having an effect.


Remember that the labs collected are more than just cd4 / VL %. Usually you also have a basic CBC w / diff included to show your doc a lot of overall numbers beside just the cd4 or cd8 numbers. For people on meds usually a set of specific labs are also included to see things that show how some sides are effecting them (lipids, cholesteral, liver function, kidney function, etc , etc) - this is actually good even for non-med patients too if your doc will order them.

I always get my labs done on the same day of the week (Wed) and close to the same time of the day (around 11:00 am). I must be fasting (water only) for 12 hours prior to labs. I was told many years ago to never get labs on Thurs or Fri's (I think it was due to freezing of labs and weekend shipping). It may no longer really be applicable, but I just stick to my Wednesdays just the same.

Getting labs drawn / processed by the same lab is important for consistency too - some labs report or process a little differently which could skew some lab results.

In any event the most important thing to pay attention to is your overall trends in different areas vs the numbers of any single test.

Good luck and happy testing.



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