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DOes the time you get your labs work done affect T-Cell Count

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This may just be a coincidence but when my lab work is taken in the morning my T-cells are significantly higher than if when they are taken in the afternoon.  Do we lose T-cells throughout the day? 

they can change greatly throughout the day.

Many people here recommend taking your labs at the time of day for the most consistency, but even doing so, there can still be a great variance.

That's why trending is so much more important than any individual snapshot of your cd4's.

water duck:
Was told by the nurse who do that the whole day ( means she pokes people the whole day)
the best time is around 11 am, something about the blood being 'full' . I did not offer anything much, i just listen, wishing that she does what she need to do ASAP so i can be out of there.


My Dr. always wants me to be there in the morning before 11:00 and not eat anything after mid night the night before....This makes for some consistency in the conditions......but there are still variances....not much but some ups and downs....The lab is located in his clinic so the same persons do the tests most of the time......

water duck:
Funny i asked the question about the eating part that u said, i was told for HIV it make no differences, maybe someone could advise better !!


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