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angry at myself

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i know this is going to sound strange but here it goes since it is what first started my worry about contracting AIDS.  I am a cutter.  my preference is poking myself with needles- sewing needle or safey pens.  my friend is a cutter too.  we used to spend time poking ourselves with needles to pass the time.  we usually did this side by side with our own needle.  but i am worried because i think a couple of times he might have used mine.  just recently he found out he was positive.  can i possibly be infected from these acts?  i am so livid that i could have given myself something from this.

i meant safety pins. 

Jake, you should keep all of your thoughts in your original post.  You have not had a risk as far as anything you've mentioned so far.  I think you are starting to invent things now.

If you are a cutter...i suggest you get professional help.

i do not have the imagination to invent something like this up.  it is true.  i think we used the same needles. 

Andy Velez:
A safety pin is not the kind of "needle" by which HIV is transmitted. Nor have I ever known of HIV to be transmitted in this manner so I don't expect you to make history by becoming the first.

If you are genuinely concerned, then as KC has suggested, get tested. Do it at 13 weeks past the most recent incident.

And how about dropping this sort of thing out of your life right now?

I also second his suggestion that you get some professional help to deal with this kind of activity. I don't see it as a real risk for HIV but you do need to be aware there are other serious infections which can be contracted through sticking yourself.


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