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I had an encounter two days ago where I was both a top and a bottom.  Condoms were used for all activities and there was no oral or fingering to the anus.  I have never been a bottom, however in this case I tried.  Lubricant was used and it lasted for a minute or so.  I found it to be painful and the other party stopped.  The next morning I found my anus opening to be sore.  Upon inspection  -  when I manipulated it with a tissue, I had some small blood spotting on the tissue.  Normally I would not be concerned about what had happened, other than the fact that there was clearly a wound.  Because of this clear open fresh wound, I now find myself in a panic even though I had thought I was so carefull.  Am I just feeling guilty and paranoid.

I have two questions - Do I have any valid concern for HIV from this exposure.  I checked the condom that was used on me and it was fully in-tact and there was no ejaculation during this portion of the encounter.

Will my tissue heal itself or do I need to proceed with a doctor of some sort?  Is there a name or a term used in this instance?

Thank You Experts.

No risk in this situation.  And if it was your first time it is understandable that some tearing happened.  it should heal up nicely on its own. 

Do I have to worry about precum when he put his condom on - or is the primary concern always with infectecion inside the body away from air, etc.

Thanks - All advise and opinion is appreciated.

I would suggest you read the Transmission Lessons in the Welcome thread at the top of this page.  Primary concern is inside the body.  Ann has some good links on condoms and lube in ANY of her posts.  Check those out as well.

Andy Velez:
Your experience is exactly why condoms are so important. The kind of bleeding you experienced is not uncommon during and after anal intercourse, especially for someone who is a novice to being penetrated. Condoms provide very effective protection so like KC,  I don't see any cause for concern about transmission in relation to this incident.

And I second his suggestion that you read the lesson on transmission.

No testing needed in relation to this incident.



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