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Hiv form a cut on the finger??

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last week i went to a strip club. went to the private room with couple stripper although there was one that did do some unusaul things. (Lap DaNCE) The next day, afternoon i notice there was a cut on my left ring finger... I'n not quite sure if it was from the stripper, but it have been as i've ponder and it seem like she did raise my left hand up a couple of times, maybe she could have slice me with a razor. Lets say if she did and it had her blood and she is Hiv pos, can it be a chance that it can cause HIV?

Lets not play what ifs.  I doubt she had a razor.  HIV isnt transmitted in this way in the real world.

Short answer to your question.  NO.

Andy Velez:
As KC has commented, we're not in the what if business here.

You had a lapdance and you had a cut on your finger from some unknown source. Neither of those facts either separately or together would have put you at risk for HIV transmission during this incident.

Your time would be better spent reading the lesson on transmission on this site. There is a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You will get all the basics you need there.


i've remember there were couple of times when she held my hands  up high... it was sort of weird cause when she put her chess on my face i smelt a vapor like substance and it almost made me unconcousious... and she did rumb her head on my private part... she could have  reach down to get the razor in her little cash box and then when she got up she held my hand high and slice me... sigh!! yes maybe i am just freaking out, but yes wat if?

Andy Velez:
No deal on the what ifs.

There's absolutely no basis in this situation for further discussion about any risk for HIV.

You have an active imagination. Perhaps you are having some feelings about the experience overall which are prompting these thoughts. Or maybe you have too much time on your hands.

If you can't let go of this concern then I suggest you discuss it with a therapist or other such professional. This is not an HIV situation. Period.


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