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Those darn what if's.


Worried Guy21:
Hello everyone. I was on here a couple of months ago and gave my situation about a possible hiv exposure. I wanted to ask another question about it. When I was messing around with the guy I was probing my penis (without a condom) around his anal area and it was moist. He tried to sick it in but I did not let him. So here is my question, since the mucus lining the anus is what contains the hiv virus, is it possible that  I could be come infected if what was on the outside around his anus got on the tip of my penis? One of my friends thinks I need to be tested but from what I have read and what I have been told before by the experts on here I donít think I need too, however, my mind is, after all this time, still playing the what if game. I am circumcised if that makes any difference.
Thank you for any helpful replies.

Andy Velez:
If I am understanding you correctly, you were engaged in what is called "dipping." That's something less than full on intercourse and is not considered a risk.

However, if there is any doubt in your mind as to whether or not you actually penetrated the other guy then I would say that to be prudent you should get tested. If there was no real penetration then I would say the risk was strictly theoretical and testing is not necessary.

For future reference, if you're going to fooling around anally, why not just put a condom on and avoid any doubts or risk?


Worried Guy21:
Thank you, Andy, for your quick response to my post. I do no think I dipped, because I was very adamant that I did not want to have sex because we did not have any condoms. He was leaned over a couch with his legs spread, and I am positive I didnít enter at any time, what I was concerned about was that when I put my finger down there it was moist and I was just wondering since my penis was poking around that area if I had any risk of getting infected. I will make sure to do what you suggested, if I ever decided to have sex :-\

Andy Velez:
OK, thanks for that clarification which is a significant one. Actually, I was mistaken and shouldn't have called it dipping which is quite different from simply having your penis in his anal area but without penetration.

This incident falls totally under the heading of theoretical rather than actual risk. What if he was HIV+ and what if there was anal secretion oozing out and what if it not only touched your eurethra but actually penetrated it during the very brief time you were involved in this action. Get my drift?

I don't see any need for testing in relation to this specific incident. I will say in general that anyone who's sexually active should get tested regularly for all STDs, at least annually, and more frequently if there has been a genuine risk such as unprotected intercourse.

This time out I think testing is not necessary, but if this is going to haunt you then by all means get tested at 13 weeks and collect the inevitable negative result. Your move.....



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