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Hi to everybody. I usually check out this site and read as much as I can. I learnt a lot from this site. Thanks for your work. Here is my situation. Last night a go with a sex worker in Thailand. We made love. At the end of the session I realised that the condom slip to the 2 cm down of the head of the penis. After throwing my condom, I realised that there is blood on the condom. And also some blood on the naked part of my penis but the head is clean. Can the blood can contact to the head of the penis when slipping off the condom with napkin. there is no open wound on the naked part. I asked the girl why and she told me that she wasn't expecting the period that night. After the shock I take the lady to her home and come back to the hotel in 1 hour. This is when I had bath. Is it bad to go out with blood for an hour. I read from other posts that there is no risk but I wanted to have a personal confirmation. Do I have to take the girl to the doctor for a test to check her situation. Do I have to go to the test after waiting 4 months. Thanks for your help.

HIV infects through the urethra and potentially through the foreskin on uncircumcised males. Even though the condom may have slipped quite low it still covered the important parts and no test is needed.

Thank you very much 411. In this situation I will not worry for 13 weeks. The important part is urethra and it is covered. The rest is not important.

I am sorry people, I know that there is more important topics to be replied but I needed to ask. Is it the regular situation that when the time passes you start to think the "what if's". Now I am thinking that is there any possibility of the blood to jump into the condom when the condom slips up and then I make it down again. And can it reach the urethra? I fyou help me I will be glad. Am I under high risk, low risk or no risk category. I made my regular std's last month. Do I have to go again after the 3 months? sorry again for disturbing.

You were protected and there is no need to worry.


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