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I did something really, really dumb

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Last week I accidentally gave the hotel's housekeeping all my shirts for laundry (even the ones that were already clean).  I didn't notice until I was getting ready for work and I had no shirts to wear.  I'm in Paris so finding a clothes shop shouldn't be difficult.  I run downstairs and accross the street was  a Franck Namani store (name meant nothing to me).  I asked for, and purchased, a plain white, business shirt. 

Today, I'm checking charges on my chargecard and I notice a charge for $600 from Franck Namani.  Turns out that plain, white business shirt I thought said 45 on the tag, was actually 450, after converting to US dollars (along with the card's foreign currency fee), that thing set me back almost $600. 

I'm so pissed at myself.  I literally spent less than 2 minutes in that store.  And what's worse, I've already worn the shirt and had it cleaned, so I can't return it.



Is this one of the reasons they call us dumb Americans?  8)


reminds me of the time I was finishing up a two week europe trip in London. I was out of underwear,so I went to that store next to Harrods(we were staying at the durley house on sloane,great place). I saw a sign that said 50% off, so I bought a package of underwear(two)and paid with my credit card without looking at price. WTF, what can two pair of underwair cost? I get back to the durley house,after getting lost for two hours(but thats another story)and look at the bill, 40 pounds! I always feel good when I am wearing the most expensive underwear in the world.
Wear you shirt proudly Cliff, know that where ever you go, in whatever group you are with,you most likely have the most expensive shirt on, thats the way I look at my underwear.


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