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I screwed up again!

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I just tested negative in December and once again I put myself at a very high risk. I allowed a transexual escort to give me oral sex. She showed me some papers from the local hiv and std clinic stating both syphilis and HIV were neg. But while telling me she was 45 and for me not to worry...she said "trust me Im 45 and HIV positive...I mean negative...and I plan to stay that way. She didnt look very healthy and she gave me oral. My penis never got erect and I also have a cut on my penis from rough sex with my girlfriend.The cut is still read but not bleeding. She also touch the tip of my flacid penis with hers and I dont know if there was precum on he/her penis....he She told me I was paranoid and there is nothing risky about what we were doing. Now I have to test again and I hate testing and swore to never do anything unprotected again. The CDC said I have a risk....especially with the cut. Im screwed. what do I do? Now I cant sleep with my girl....It was a dumb curious mistake.

You didn't have a risk from what you have stated. You don't get HIV for receiving a blowjob and certainly not from rubbing your penis together.

But the CDC said I was @ risk because of my open cut. I dont know if he/she had bleeding gums. I also think if the tip of our penises touched we exchanged fluids...right?

NO that is not right. You did not let anyone give you a blowjob with you having a bleeding penis. Saliva is not infectious and rubbing your penis together with another person it not a risk.

Andy Velez:
You need to (re)read the lesson on transmission on this site. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

Neither getting a blowjob nor mutual masturbation masturbation have ever accounted for a confirmed case of transmission. It's safe to say you won't make history by becoming the first.

The essential thing in terms of sexual activities is that you use condoms for intercourse, whether vaginal or anal. And unless you and your girlfriend are in a securely monogamous relationship in which both partners test negative at the same time that's what you should be doing: using condoms for intercourse.

Also, other STDs are much easier to acquire than HIV, so if you are active sexually you should have a full STD panel done regularly -- at least annually and every six months is even better.

As far as HIV is concerned there was no risk in this recent incident you're concerned about. Really.


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