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My Lab Results Had Me In Tears, please share your advise

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Hi All,
Here's my info: december 2005, tcells 280, 18% & undectable, march 2006, tcells 309, 18% undectable, june 2006 tcells 250, 24% undectable. I am on truvada & kaletra. My dr. says no reason to cry, I am doing fine, but, I still criedin the office because of the decline of over 50 tcells. Any long term folks that can share their input. I can use a boost here. I was diagnosed 8/2004. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Hey Brooklynpoz,

You are indeed doing great, you are undetectale and your cd4% has gone from 18% to 24% that's just awesome.  Don't worry about your cd4 absolute, that will continue to jump up and down like a yoyo.  You really are doing well, be happy with your % and your meds are keeping your virus at bay.  I wish my % was as good as yours!

take it easy buddy.

Hi Brooklyn

I don't think you have anything to worry about, although your count has dropped by 50 your % has gone up and that is good news, that means your immune system is working..please try not to stress me this is good news.

Jan :)

Modifyed because Cubbybear beat me to it... :-*

Hi Matt & Jan,
Thank you both for your kind, reassuring words. I am a " Newbie " and I am so scared still.
Reaching out to beautiful people, like yourselves me the world to me.

Brooklyn I really wouldnt worry about those results in fact you should be pleased with them.  My doctor told me the CD4% is a much better indication of how well your are doing also you need to allow for a large margain of error in the CD4 count.  I should know my CD4 count dropped by 200 in the space of a month and them rebounded again a few months later.  I'd try not to worry you sound like your doing well to me.



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