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Worried Mike:
Hi all,

I had posted in the old forum about receiving three unprotected BJ's from a sex worker and was told that I have nothing to worry about as there was no risk. After reading on of Jonathan's posts about "dipping", I am now afraid that I may have brushed my unprotected penis against her vagina prior to the protected sex. Additionally, while she was performing the oral sex, she tried to stick her tongue down my uerthea. Could this act have contributed to becoming infected?? Today is my 6 week point (43 days) post experience and I suddenly came down with what I can only describe as "flu" like symptoms. I have severe diarrhea, an upset stomach, hot and cold flashes, headaches, muscle and joint pain and a 101 fever. My questions are:
1) Do ARS symptoms such as the above show up six week after a possible exposure?
2)  Do I have any real risk or is it probable that I have a slight bug?

Thanks for any answers and I apologize for posting what I thought was a dead issue.

ARS, comes on at 2-4 weeks post infection. Symptoms come on all at once or not at all. Does it sound like you have a bug. No.. It sounds as though you are worring yourself for a non-risk.


What you describe is called "frottage", not "dipping". Frottage is rubbing the genitals together while dipping is brief insertion into the anus or vagina. Frottage carries absolutely no risk of hiv whatsoever. Dipping is more of a risk if it is the anus that is being dipped into.

Getting a blowjob is not a risk for hiv infection either.

You have not had a risk for hiv infection.

Mike, I know you were posting in the other forum as WorriedOne1. Please know that the same warning still applies. Stick to this one username and we won't have any problems. OK? Thanks.


Worried Mike:
Thanks Ann and Rod,
This morning when I woke up, my temp was back to normal so I suppose I had a 24 hour thing. I am sorry to be so bothersome with my problem, but it is times like yesterdau that really freak me out.


Ann, I will definitly comply with the one screen name rule hence forth.


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