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Maybe I'm just a dumb bitch

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I didn't even know we had a new blogger (Shawn).   ???

There has been a change in the dynamics, at least I think so.  But oh well, not much you can do about it, except do what makes you happy.  Post what you wanna post, when you wanna post it.  Have fun.  Learn a little.  Help out a lot.  And let the chips fall where they may.

Things will never be like they used to be (in anything that we do).  And that's okay.  High school was fun.  I kinda missed it that summer after we graduated.  And I haven't thought about it since.  Go figure.

And no, you're not a dumb bitch.

Miss ya,


Peter Staley:
Danny -- sorry you're feeling that way.  I'm still feeling very optimistic since the merger.  My creative juices are flowing again, and now I have some extra resources to try new things on AIDSmeds and POZ.  We're about to launch POZ Podium, a new content area that will kind of be like an online op-ed page.  It will be a place were activists and others can submit opinion pieces which the editorial team at POZ/AIDSmeds will review for possible online posting.  We'll put out an announcement soon, asking for submissions.

We're also planning on upgrading the user interface of Graph My Labs and Check My Meds -- both have always been a little difficult to use (not as intuitive as they could be), so I'm really glad they're going to get a face lift.

It certainly doesn't feel "corporate" around here to me.  Technically, it's always been a corporation, it's just now it's changed from a dictatorship (me) to more of a military junta.  ;)  Seriously though, it's just a handful of people here calling the shots, just like it's always been.  The top honcho is very accommodating -- if I tell him the site really needs something, or the site will be hurt if something is changed, he's always done the right thing.

As for the forums changing, in my humble opinion, they've been changing constantly from day 1 when we launched 6 years ago.  And every couple of months, someone starts a thread saying very similar things to what you've said.  I'm not saying you're wrong -- the forums ARE changing.  I'm just saying they've always felt like this to anyone that's remained active in them for more than 6 months.  

Try to keep an open heart; help others as often as you can; avoid flame wares; and when all else fails, take a break from here if you need it.

I'm just really glad you care enough about this site to let us know you want it to be even better.


Hey bud, it could be worse



Danny, I kind of agree with you, but I canít put my finger on whatís wrong.

I know my having dial-up is really slow in this new forum. So I just look for the name of those people I like and read maybe respond.  Iím going to give it a little more time and if I get use to it Iíll stay around or wander off to new pastures.

Thatís it!!!    :D   Theyíre trying to get rid of me!   :'(



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