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Maybe I'm just a dumb bitch

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but I hate what this damned merger has done to the forums.  They're not the warm friendly inviting place they were9 months ago when I joined.  They've become cold and sterile. None of the old regulars post anymore... Moffie, Joe, RAB, even JK!
We used to be a family.  Now we're part of a corporation.  Now people that have not become a part of us are bloggers? Without the group deciding as whole?  I'm sure they're wonderful people, but how are we supposed to relate to them when we don't know them?  Reagan has introduced ourselves to us once. To the best of my recollection the only other time she ever posted was when POZ needed  people to pose for pictures. I know she's a wonderful woman and I respect her tremendously.... Same goes for Shawn... but I just don't get it... Maybe I'm just biased.  Maybe I just want a "Trish" blog....  Who knows...
I'm sure the merger has done some positive, but I would like to just point  out that I think it wasn't for the best.

I'm just saying...


Peter seriously, what the hell has happened?

I initially had the same reaction on the blogs.  

To point out, the group never has decided who got blogs before.  That's always been a top dog decision (and I think it reflect a set of different demographics of users so there is somebody that each person might relate too)

Regan, as part editor in chief, I presume received a blog as an effort to crossbreed the two sites.   She is quite an inspiration to many posters here, especially women. 

She is linked and advertised on POZ to the forums here... this type of thing will likely be ongoing as the two site become more closely merged  (just like the forums being under now)   Which I don't consider a bad thing at all.  It does drive more people here and for getting correct information out to the world is a good thing imho.

Being an editor in cheif of a magazine probably doesn't leave her alotta free time to chit chat here in the forums like some of us have.

Sean came as a bit more of a surprise.  I too was a bit taken aback at first, but it is a logical and likely event and I'm sure sean has alot to offer these forums and the blogs.   Intergration is required and some changes may seem rough at first, but also wouldn't be possible without poz.   

Sean took a bit of a lickin but definitely came out kickin in good spirits (see his caption under his avatar :P )  and his recent blog.   He has a mischeivious quality about him that I'm finding endearing.  

I also think sometimes some fresh perspectives and input is a very good thing.   We can get caught in a rut at times and I do find him a 'breathe of fresh air'.  I know I can use an attitude adjustment at times.

Our family is getting bigger... so instead of brothers and sisters... now it's a whole extended family with cousins, neices and nephews.  True, it won't be as tightnit as before... but as we grow, things will change.  That doesn't mean our original family goes away though either.

I don't think a whole lot of member participation has changed as a result of this... just people have different and changing priorities in their lives and that is going to cycle over time. 

That being said, I think a great new feature would be to host blogs for anyone who wants to sign up for one in addition to any featured blogs.  Maybe that's just dreamin since there are alotta blog sites out there, but to have a huge blog site especially for hiv people... that'd be kinda kewl


I did not post for much of the month I was in LA. Didn't help that I fried the computer and had to reinstall everything, while being thousands of miles away from home.

I'm back Danny, and have been slowly stepping up my posting. But I have l;oads of cleaning to do here, a body to put into shape, and.. well, one thing I learned in LA was that I need away from computer time, and seriously.

This week, maybe not so much, seeing as my car is in the shop. But oddly, as a writer, I have written LESS when I participate MORE here on aidsmeds. And I REALLY want to do more writing. So that might mean not spending so much time here, not even ont he FEARS forums.

But I get hwat you mean. Nastiness sort of drove me away from the OLD forum, at least the LIVING with area. I am trying to give this NEW place a clean slate, and treat it as virginal. Heh heh.

Give it time.... and posts! I am sure there are good times to be had here.

PS: You are not a dumb bitch.



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