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Trojan Horse vaccine??

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After reading the article in the link below, does it mean that the Trojan Horse vaccine can protect against Malaria, TC and HIV?? Anyone else have more info on this?? I'm assuming this is a legitimate research because it is partly funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.


What about us? That vaccine prevents it but what about a cure or therpeutic vaccine?

I've read this article in Metro too, this morning. It does not necessarily say that the vaccine is aimed for Negative people.

True, I can't read this as being solely a preventive vaccine. Remember, any vaccine, whether preventive or therapeutic, is structured to trigger an immune response, so depending on the quality of that response the vaccine can be either/ or preventive or therapeutic. Now, the key question is whether the response is enough to clear all virus from the system, and that is the hangup. But if a vaccine is proven to be effective as a preventive one, then you know that at the very least it will be a good therapy, if not to completely clear the virus then at least to keep it down.
I did try to find more info on this at Oxford U. and the Vaccine center where this is being developed and found nothing. Maybe more will come out soon. Good thing is that 2010 is very close. And If I am not mistaken there are other trials out there that have given 2010 as a target date for release of different vaccines, if all goes well of course. Personally I think that Dr. Kang's vaccine has a goodchance of succeeding, and once trials start this year, if it works well it should be available as a therapeutic vaccine - "to cure the hiv-infected", in his words- in three years...that's 2010!

I am optimistic but I wont get overly excited until final phases are taking place. 2010 seems to be very close. EVEN if it not a cure or errdication of the whole virus, ANYTHING is welcomed that is LESS toxic than HAART. It's not healthy for anyone to be on meds for their rest of their lives so any kind of improvement where less toxic medication is needed will be a step closer to a cure.


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