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Clawless Housecat Chases Bear up tree.

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I had a Calico cat named Ms. Peepers and even though she was de-clawed (front paws)
she could be quite intimidating....  On numerous occassions I saw her smack several little
dogs and sent them crying from the room.  Cats are fierce.........

Poor Bear...... ::)

The truth really be known, That’s not a real black bear in that tree. It’s Matty the Damned in drag after a night on the town.

OK. now I’ll wait for the wrath of MtD. Kisses Red!  ;D

Terry (Tessa)

That is so funny.

Terry darlin' , you must be especially feeling your Wheaties today, to dare incur the wrath of the enigmatic MtD.
BRB I'm heading off to pop some popcorn for the show. ;D


HeHeHe.  ;D I feel like Bush. ;D “Bring it on” >:(

Now I know I’m dead.  :'( It’s just away  to get out of taking my meds.  ::)

I'm going after Anniebc/Jan next.  ???



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