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My first blood work

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CD4= 743

VL= 319,000

My first reactive blood sample was drawn on November 13th.  This CD4 and VL count was from blood drawn on December 20th.

The doctor said that this indicated that I had a healthy immune system which had taken a little hit from the initial HIV infection.  The doctor also said that I could expect my CD4 to rise again and for my VL to start coming down.  They took additional blood today.

Any other interpretation of this data?

Many thanks for your wisdom,


Thats good news it sounds like. I am waiting to get a doctor for my first round of tests

Danny--good for you!  Means you are off to a running start to stay on top of things.  Long may it wave!!


Boo Radley:

The CD4 count is great by any standards and the vl is rather high though nowhere near as bad as it could be.  Are you on meds?   If you are on meds you can count on your doctor's opinion to prove correct.  If you're not on meds I'm not sure what the doc is basing his/her opinion on.   With a vl of 319,000 I'd guess you are on meds.

Best of luck with the next lab work.


Andy Velez:
UA, good to hear from you again.

Keep us posted on how the numbers go and on anything else you want to talk about.



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