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Gone for awhile

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Hi all,

 I just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed coming on here and reading and doing some writing myself. I love this place and come to it everyday to read and feel connected with others that are going thru what i go thru every day.

I will not be on for awhile. AOL has messed up our account and will not change it, We were to have AOL service till July 5 for free. My son called to cancell about 3 months ago and instead they said they would give it to us free for 3 months. Well for the last month they have slowly stopping our account. Now it is almost closed and we do not have the extra money to get another internet service.

I am hoping that in a few weeks we will be able to get another service and i will again be able to come back on and be with you all.I will miss everyone and i don't know yet what i am going to do all day.

This place has been my life line since i found it this last Feb. This is the  only place i know that i could go to and be with others that know what i have to go thru each and every day of our lifes and i will miss it sooo much.

So, stay safe and well everyone and please don't forget me. I will be back on as soon as i can. I do have my oldest sons computer i can check my emails with so i will have some news of things. If anyones wants they can email me and i will be able to get it and respond.

I will check back in when ever i can.

Love to all,

Wendy :-* :-*

Take care and see you soon!  You'll miss it so much you will find a way, I have faith! 8)

Hope you are able to come back soon!
Will miss reading your posts.

Take care of yourself

Hi Wendy

I hope and pray you can find a way to get internet service, because I know this forum is important to you, and you are important to us.

What about net zero or some of those that claim to be $9.95 per month?




All over the world AM  people will keep you in their thoughts.

I will do the job in Belgium.

Hug and hurry back

Hermie :-*


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