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Very Worried and Confused (possible infection)



Hello All,

For the past couple of years I have been going to massage parlors here and there.  For the most part I haven't received anything more than protected oral sex.  However, there have been a couple incidences where I have had protected vaginal sex.  Now, my main concern is that I didn't check if the condoms that I used had broke.  I may have glanced at the condon while it was still on and saw no tear, but I didn't put a full investigation on it. 

Now, I may have had sex... perhaps... 3-4 times with different massage parlors, all protected... and this happening from as early as 2003. 

Still, I am very concerned as I hadn't checked if the condom had broke or not.  Also, I've been noticed small spots starting to appear all over my skin... sort of like light bruises... could these be possible HIV lesions?

I am very worried and confused as to my status and would like to have some mental clarity.  Please help me.

Thank you all.

You had protected sex and there is absolutely no worry about contracting HIV. If the condom would have failed you would have known it without a doubt. It look similar to having a hula skirt on your penis.

Thanks RapidRod... how about those spots on my arms?  possible lesions?

See your doctor, it has nothing to do with HIV.


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