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Karposi's sarcoma question


I think I need some help.  I had a risky encounter ~3 years ago, and have tested negative (ELISA, DNA/RNA PCR) so I should have no reason to worry.  I do still worry though, especially about my girlfriend (whom I love very much), mainly due to some lingering health problems that haven't been resolved.  I've tried to come to terms with my status, and have several times almost been able to accept it.  However, a few days ago my girlfriend woke up with a reddish/brown spot on her chin that wasn't there the night before.  She said it was painless, and it's not raised in any way.  And she doesn't have any other spots that I can see.  I'm worried that she might have a Kaposi's sarcoma, but I don't know if that makes any sense, seeing as how the only possible time she could of been infected by me was about a year ago.  Is this at all possible, or am I just driving myself crazy for nothing?  Thanks for any help you can give.

Andy Velez:
So now you're practicing medicine without a license on your girlfriend? And you jump from a spot on her face to diagnosing it as ks? That's quite a leap to make, bud. And of course, one without any basis in HIV science.

You have reliably tested negative for HIV. You are HIV negative. Period. End of that story.

Assuming she is negative as well and that's the only issue not absolutely clear from what you've written, then how would HIV be an issue. Oh. You mean your test results weren't valid? Right. No, wrong.

Nothing you are reporting is in anyway suggesting to me that HIV is an issue here. Please clarify if I am missing something.


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