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Round two. Complete work up for stds.

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Today I have to go to the health department for a complete work up. Another hiv test along with all tests for any stds. I will let everyone know what they say tomorrow. Not showing any symptoms but they want me to do it any way. Fun fun fun.

Best of luck to you.  You are taking the bull by the horns sounds like.


Got all of my tests yesterday. Clean across the board except for hiv of course. If you take a hiv test when you are drunk can they still tell or will it throw off the test. A friend of mine took one when he was loaded and it came back poz. Anyone know this?

Hey good news for you. I started out with a clean std slate too. Hopefullly your genotype test will come back sensitive to all meds as well. I don't know about the drunk test results but hopefully he will go get a western blot test when he is sober, as there has been nothing more sobering for me than good ol' HIV. Usually when there is a problem with a test, it comes back inconclusive though.

Best of luck, keep us posted.


Thanks Rob


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