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Hello Eric,

I can't add much more to what the others have already stated. I believe there was one time, when my percentages dropped a point or two, and then after that continued going up again. Your doing OK Eric !

Hang in there-----Ray

Thanks guys....   I just don't like giving up an inch.   I have worked very hard at this..   My Doctor just responded and said ERIC YOUR FINE!   Given the fact you test every six weeks, because of the study, you are bound to see things like this.   

If you guys ain't worried, why should I be?   Sorry for my "flip out".

Love ;D


I hear you!! I don't like giving up anything either, it's been a tough battle ! I have worked to hard, to get to where I am at. Yep, I hear ya.


The fact that you are concerned is a great sign. It shows that you are taking charge of your life. We all must be responsible and take responsibility for our health care! You are really doing that and that my friend is a large part of the very long battle ahead of you!
    I have "survived" 22 years of blood work results. And still to this day, I get that nervous feeling in my gut just before the Doc tells me the results>It has been a "Rollercoaster ride" to say the least. My lab results make the stock market tame. This is all part of living with HIV: Each result will go up and will go down. It is just part of the reality. I know you are upset with your slightly bad results. But I can assure you that its not bad. Look at the big picture, not just the latest result. You are going to have bad ones, and you are going to have allot more good ones then bad. So know you have that to look forward to:Just be patient. It does not do any good to panic or get down when you get a bad result. Over reaction just causes more stress, and well we don't need any more stress. That stress you bestow upon yourself will only cause bad things. So relax and take it stride. In a year or so, you will look back on this day and "damn it was no big deal".
    You will be fine. You numbers are still good. I had a viral load in the 30,000 range for as long as the test was available. Just last year they went to ZERO. So never give up and try not to get upset. I know this is easier said then done, but II believe it will payoff for you in the long run.
    So relax, have a beer, and hug your lover when he walks in the door. Life is a good thing. Please remember....FUN IS ALLOWED
Love you Lots,

Hey Eric...  Try not to sweat it.  You know the numbers go up and down.  More importantly,
how do you feel?  Your energy levels?  I just had labs done last Monday and even though I
sense they aren't going to be good (energy levels have really dropped) I'm determined to
keep my sense of humor about it.  But I do understand what you mean by not wanting to give up
even a inch.  Take a deep breath and think positively.  Sending you a big cyber HUG! :-*


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