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Just got my latest labs back.   What happened?  To much stress?  To many life events??

I lost some cd4's and 2 percentage points?   Crap!!!! :'(  Still <50 tho...

Your wisdom would help me understand..  Ive got my numbers listed below..

"God, I don't need no more stinkin stress!" :-\

Relax Eric!

My t-cell counts and percentages bounce around all the time for no discernable reason. As long as your viral load stays below 50, you will do fine and don't need to worry about t-cells.  Remember that the t-cell count is just a snapshot of the cd4+ cells in your peripheral blood at the moment the blood was drawn. Most of your t-cells are in your body tissues and lymph system and can't be easily measured.

Peace and Love



Sit back and relax.
Your t-cell count can vary even form the spot your sample is taken from and e.g. when you are fighting an infection.
My t-count bounced back from 17!! to 950.
It now was 384 in january, back to 586 in march.
Had blood taken yesterday and will get results in 10 days.

You are certainly in the safe range.


Eric, I know the feeling so well.  I know you want to see things continuously go up and this seems like a backward step.  But statistically the CD4s you are down by and the % change is insignificant. It will most likely bounce the other direction next time.  You are better off than when you started the meds all the way around.  So try not to stress on this one.   And I know the CD4s can vary widely from day to day. I had blood drawn one Friday with a CD4 count of 711, blood drawn the next Monday had a CD4 count of 640.   Look at the overall movement and remember there are going to be peaks and valleys.  Hugs!

Love you my friend!!!

Joe K:
Hey Eric,

As they say, it all depends upon how you look at it.  Your numbers look fine and the sooner you realize that your counts will change, the less stress you will have.  One thing you should start doing is having your labs drawn at the same time, each time, so you are comparing the same time frame.  Our bodies change during the day and so do our numbers.  You may be comparing two labs that were taken at opposite times from each other and that alone could cause these changes.

But the thing you want is to see are trends and your trends are going in the right directions, so what's not to like?  Take lt from an old timer and realize that your counts are but one indicator of your health.  Yes, they are important, but they must be viewed along with other variables.  I've always held that as long as I feel pretty good, then my labs are no big deal.

You'll need to decide on how you will look at life, the whole glass half empty/full thing, but spend some time getting to know your body and you'll feel more comfortable in monitoring your health.  Numbers are an indicator at best and numbers like yours are just fine.


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