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Am I infected?



 I am a gay, and I am ashamed to have mutual masturbation with another man. He jerked  me off harshly and vigorously that it almost made me feel pain in the penis and now, several hours later, I still have an unusual feeling in my penis(I am really shy and ashamed to mention those). And I am sure that his palm rubbed the head of my penis Since he did so vigorously, I wonder it would cause cuts and abrasions in the head of penis, which are although invisible. .(by the way, I am umcircumsized, so it is said it is easier to get infected)Then it would make the transaction of HIV "more" possible if he had some cuts in his palm. :( I checked his palm before and after the action, but the light in that room was dim, so although I did not find cuts in his hands, but still I wonder there would be some. But I am sure he was not bleeding...
So, how about the risk of transaction if he had cuts in his palm and he caused invisible cuts in the head of my penis? I am very very worried about that!
And there is another thing I am worrying about: When I finished jerking him off, I noticed that two of my  fingers had some epidermis peeled off at the bottoms of the fingernails(every person will have that kind of matter due to daily affairs, but I peeled off a significant area of skin, one is about 3mm*4mm). There was no pain there, but I could see  that they were red...They were not fresh, and they were dry, no blood, i am sure of that. What I am afraid that if his pre-cum splashed onto those "cuts" that what would happen? We didn't ejaculate, so it was just pre-cum, and only small drops, tiny drops, splashed by shaking his penis.
And the third, which I am worried about most seriously, he inserted his finger into my ass(again I am really shy and ashamed to mention this), but not totally, only the top of his finger, no longer than 1cm, just for a while, maybe one minute, or even shorter, and did nothing else then pulled back. The whole process was gentle. I don't think this is so called "fingering", but still I have great panic if he had some small cuts in his finger.
No cum, both of us.
 What is your opinion?

I am looking forward to your reply.

You didn't have any type of risk. Nothing you did was a risk for HIV.

Andy Velez:
Have you read the lesson on this site about Transmission? There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You get all the basics there that you need to know about protecting yourself in relation to HIV.

You were not at risk for transmission in any of the incidents you have mentioned. There's no need for HIV testing.But you do need to become better educated so read  he lesson.

What you have written sounds to me as if you have a lot of anxiety about having become sexually active with men. If I am right about that, that's a whole separate issue for you to get sorted out. As long as you consistently follow safer sex guidelines, which is essentially about using condoms for intercourse, you'll be ok as far as HIV is concerned.

You also need to be aware there are other STDs out there and they can be easier to get than HIV. So if you're sexually active it's a good idea to regularly have a full STD panel done. Annually is good and every six months is even better.

This is not an HIV situation so let it go and get on with your life.



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