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Attacked by goose.

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Geese are wild period! There are tons of them on the many ponds around the area I work, man made ponds and part of the landscaping. The geese love to settle in and raise their chicks every year. Its so cute watching a hoard of 20-30 geese and chicks crossing the road, stopping all the traffic. But these geese are mean. They actually chase cars, and people. They don’t take any shit thats for sure. I have raise ducks and, once, geese, Ducks are like dogs. They become attached to you and follow you around. Especially if you are around them or raise them from birth.
But geese, even if you raise them from an egg, never become domesticated. They grow up and fall into their natural wild mean self. Geese are also a lot messier than ducks. Ducks were fun to raise, geese.... not. But the chicks are sooooo cute!


Give them a Kaletra or Sustiva and see how they go.  ;D

Have you much room in your freezer? A quick snap of the neck and Mr. Nasty will be Mr. Tasty.

If snapping their necks doesn't appeal to you, use your trusty hatchet.

Bite me once, shame on the goose. Bite me twice, goose gets eaten.

Simple rules to live by.



One of the big Whiskey Bonds in Scotland have been using geese to guard their premises ever since I was a little girl, and still do..they are well fenced in but will try and attack if you get too near the fence..and the noise is enough deafening.

BTW..Mark I love the new photo..such a beautiful smile.

Jan :)

Hey Jaser, I feel for you dude.. I was terrorised and held captive to a goose in my uncles backyard once when I was 5 years old.  I screamed my lungs out until mom came and rescued me. 

Geese look best on a plate.. roasted.. with vegetables and gravy!  (Not that I have ever eaten a goose!)

(He who's not really a big nelly.. but I was when I was 5!)

Edited to add: Jan I agree with you on Marks new avatar!


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