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Vaccine of new generation against Aids


Here is an interesting article that I came across. Has anyone else heard about this.


Interesting, but I haven't heard anything about this before, at least from western sources. Maybe one of our european members has heard about it? I found the website for the Russian Academy of Science, but can't seem to find anything about this news. Does anyone here know russian?


it looks like the institute is actively researching hiv with over 700 papers published

let me see if i can find more about the vaccine
looks like they are doing alot of investigation into vaccines

cant find this specific one yet

HIV vaccine research is likely to lead to the development of both therapeutic and
preventive products.

Vaccine research focusing on cellular immunity may lead to
development of therapeutic vaccines for people living with HIV that reduce progression
of HIV illness, as well as reducing onward transmission of HIV.

HIV vaccine concepts

Because of the uncertainties previously discussed,
several different concepts or approaches
have been used in animal models
to elicit HIV-specific immune responses.
These concepts include the following:

Recombinant subunit vaccine: a vaccine
produced by genetic engineering,
simulating a part of the outer surface enve43
lope or other part of HIV.

Peptide vaccine: synthetically produced
proteins, simulating HIV proteins, used to
produce immune responses to HIV.
Pseudovirion vaccine: a noninfectious
particle resembling HIV that has one or
more HIV proteins.

Live vector vaccine: a live bacteria or
virus that is harmless to humans and is used
to transport a gene that makes HIV proteins;
current vectors include vaccinia virus,
canarypox, adenovirus, salmonella and poliovirus.
DNA immunization (nucleic acid vaccine):
direct inoculation of genetic material
that produces HIV proteins.

Inactivated vaccine: live HIV that has
been inactivated by chemicals, irradiation,
temperature, or other means to render it

Live-attenuated vaccine: live HIV that
has had its disease-producing potential reduced
or removed through the deletion of
genes responsible for viral replication.
in phase I clinical trials


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