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I'll try explain this as brief as possable, but I'm losing my mind!
9 days ago  I had an encounter with a stripper from Florida. We used a condom, but when I didn't cum right away she climbed off and started to preform oral. After a few minutes of that, she finished me with her hand. During the handjob, the condom broke and I let her finish (about 2-3 minutes). Before she left, she took a shower. When I went into the bathroom after she left I notice some blood on the towel she used. That's when I realized what I had done, and I flipped out. I washed my penis with soap and water, took a shower and have spent the last nine days searching the internet for answers.
One of my issues is I'm married and my wife and I don't use condoms. I've been putting off my wife's advances trying to figure out what to do, but she's going to start to wonder what's going on pretty soon.
What kind of risk was I exposed to, and is it possible to get some quick test results?

Thanks for your help.


I assume you mean ZERO risk for HIV. What do you think about other STD's?

You shouldnt cheat.  NO risk for HIV infection.

If you are actively engaging in ANY sexual relationship OTHER THAN a securely monogamous one you should get a FULL STD PANEL every six months.

I know I shouldn't. I've been married for 20 years and this is the first and last time. It's changed my life! I've quit drinking. I pray a lot. I've been very focused on my family. I just hope I didn't screw it all up!


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