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Hey Calvin,

Your sister reminded me of this story: when I told the conductor of my choir about my aids he said "Oh well, I could die from a heart attack and die before you." I felt a bit pissed off from that one. Then he died, from a heartattack. And I am still here!


Andy Velez:
Hi David,

Since we don't get any choice with regard to the endgame, what I figure is to just have the best possible day today and each and every day that I can, no matter what comes my way. Call me a pollyanna, but even a "bad day" is...better than none. I'll take it......

If I had been in charge "at the beginning" I might have arranged things differently, but I wasn't. And I'm still not in charge. All I can do is keep on truckin'.

Thanks for the thread.

Hope you're having a good one.

Hi David.... 

"Eric, how long did you think you were going to live??  Forever??" 

That was the first thing out of a good friend of mines mouth 10 months ago when I told him I was HIV?  I think we all have or had that feeling of immortality that we truly WOULD live forever.   Well,  as time goes along, this changes.  This changes for every single person on the planet.   Each one of us has his own trail.  If you choose to follow someones route that looks safe and rewarding, you can follow it.  Or you can find all sorts of different approaches, but the end result will always be the same in the end.  We might as well early on find the best path for us.  Those feelings you talk about, those feelings of why?  Well, its time to drop down onto a new trail, this one is going no where.   Your niece is a connection I would never let go of.   All you have is today to tell her you love her.  All you have is today to change your ideas about what this means?



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