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This may sound silly but I'm getting a little anxious over it.

Last week, I was with a female of unknowm status and she accidently pricked herself with a sewing needle. I don't know if she bled or not, but anyways, I ended up pricking myself with the same needle within a minute. I pricked my finger and  there was blood.

I didn't think much of the situation then, but now I know she has an uknown health problem that doctors can't figure out. I'm not saying she has HIV, I'm just saying that everything is possible.

My questions :

- Do I need to be tested over this or shall I just forget about it and move on?
- If there was her blood on the needle, and assuming she HIV+, how long can the virus live?

Thank you very much for your help. I hope my concern doesn't sound silly.

No you were not at risk by getting stuck by a sewing needle. There have never been a documented case of someone being stuck by a needle outside the healthcare services to have every contracted HIV in that manner and you won't be the first.


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