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protected oral--but not sure if worker had cum from prev client?


Hi I had protected oral, but here is what is bothering me, I thought I was doing zero risk insertive protected, but I figured, well
if she had cum from a previous client would that have hurt me? The only was I will not be scared if I believe that I have zero risk
the thought that she may have cum in her mouth from another dude scares me.

I even tried saying ok well there was a five minute interval b/w you and another client, if she had cum in her mouth for five mins,
it would have died.

Anycomments, thw whole spectre of teh secretion in mouth is worrying me about hiv.

I will for sure get tested in 6 weeks,12 weeks to conclude, but man is is a problem.

If you were indeed protected with a condom you have no worries.  No need to test.


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