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Moffie, a question for you about healthy living:

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Hi Moffie, in another thread you wrote this:

Filtered Water from now until death.  Cryptosporidium is found in most public water systems, and can be filtered out by using a simple faucet mount filter.  I reccommend using an undersink Reverse Osmosis filter if you can afford one.  I have not drank a glass of water out of the tap, in a restaurant, or anywhere but from a "pure" source since August of 1994.  Having experienced Crypto, and having it nearly kill me; I just will not take that chance anymore.  Normal levels of Crypto will not affect someone without HIV in the least, but we cannot be that free.

Wash all Fruit with antibacterial soap, BEFORE peeling and eating  Fecal bacteria is one of our most disgusting and hard to deal with germs in our food chain in the U.S.  It is everywhere, and to keep you from getting anything, a simple bath in Antibacterial soap in the sink before peeling, will definitely keep you well.  (try to peel and eat a banana without touching the fruit after peeling: see that is why  )

Bleach Greens  When preparing a salad, soak the greens and other fresh contents in one gallon of water with a tablespoon of laundry bleach in it and then rinse with filtered water, and spin or pat dry with a clean towel or spinner.  NO kidding, yes, I still do this every time. 

More protein  I would recommend that you reduce the total amount of fruit, and insert a healthier dose of protein.  Many of us have come to the conclusion, simply by observation of our own bodies; that the virus consumes a huge amount of protein to survive and multiply.  It is a viral protein, and as such, reduces the amount of useable protein in our bodies.  Consuming Animal Protein in large amounts has promoted to good health for many of us.  I highly recommend that you trash all past things you know/knew about nutrition and re-create one that is more HIV oriented.  Protein should be at the top of your list, accompanied by all the rest at fairly normal amounts.

Water  I recommend consumption of one gallon of filtered water a day.  This will ensure the good working of your internal organs, ie, liver, kidneys, heart, Biliary tree, and all the other things that promote good health and healing.  Remember, your body is now in fulltime battle with this evil bug, so anything you can do to promote good health will also help to extend your life.

Hope this very "short list" helps to get you started on a healthy pathway.

I really wonder if this is necesary or even wise. I mean, I agree with the drinking of much water but cryptosporidium is a risk that exists only when your cd4 count is really low, and all the anti-bacterial ideas seem pretty over the top to me. I mean, when you protect a child to much from dust and dirt it will develop astma later because its immune system never got any impulse to react on it. When someone has a working immune system, it is not so bad to be exposed to bacteria's now and then I think. When you follow your line, one should also avoid kissing because of bacteria's, have oral sex with a condom, not go into hospital buildings because there is no place where there are so many bacterias in the air, not eat in a restaurant because you never know what happens in a kitchen, immediately get rid of your pets........

I know what cryptosporidium can do, I have seem people die from it closely and it is amazing that you survived it, but I was surprised that you gave these advises to someone who didn't mention his immunity to be that low.

I hope you don't mind asking me about this. Is the situation that different in the US than in Europe? What do others think?




Thanks so much for asking.  I just sat down to collect messages, and now my sweetie is on his way in the house, from work; so if you please, I will answer and will explain my keystrokes.  For now, let's wait for a few more responses, and then I will chime in when I have a minute or two.  For now, Sweetie reigns supreme with my time.  He is worth it too. ;D

In Love, and I promise I will get to this either this evening, or tomorrow morning.

I happen to agree with Moffie on these counts and adopted most of all of that when I had a cd4 count of 22.  Now that I am in the 650's I wonder if it is necessary at times but in reality, better safe than sorry. The large amount of water I have found really helps with the side effects of the meds and in my mind, all that water helps flush everything out and keep things like my liver and kidney's working in spite of the cyto-toxic chemicals I swallow everyday.  I will admitt that I do not "bleach" my veggies but i do wash them with soap and water before cooking or eatting.  My doctor also told me to increase my protien and the best way to do that was through lean animal protien, he says, us HIV'ers need more. 

Hi there,

I will also, agree with with Tim, And I also understand, that there will be others that won't agree. To each his own.

Ever since I can remember, I have always made sure to wash fruits and vegetables before eating.And always practiiced food safety.Probably goes back to training, in the military. This was long before HIV became a part of my life. My mother was very big on this.

There are so many pesticides ETC being used today, and in some cases most likely NOT CORRECTLY BEING USED so I certainly, nor anyone else needs to have this stuff in our system.

In many cases, our drinking water is not always safe. In Clearwater , several years ago,  a very nasty bug was detected in the water supply at several locations. Although people were advised, that it would cause no harm, I for one, was not going to take that chance, especially, with the compromised immune system, that I had back then. I always drink filtered water, and also make sure to maintain the filter. If you don't maintain the filter, that makes the filter useless, and dangerous in it'self.

There was that case of bad strawberries a few years back also. That some had died from. And these were healthy !! So, I just won't take any chances, it's not worth it for me. I don't need to get sick. Some may interpret all this as being paranoid. Paranoid I am not, careful I am.

Just my thoughts-----Ray

Many of the things Moffie suggested I did before my honey came down with HIV.  Having some experience with food (I eat alot of it) I know there are times in the past that I became very ill simply because the food I ate was contaminated with one thing or another.  Now, the risk seems worse than the mere minutes it takes to clean it properly, even if it is over the top.  But to each his own.


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