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WOW!  Thanks for all the great advice, information and compassion.  I have been tested HIV+ but have not had a follow up visit yet to get the counts and/or any other information about this.  My doc basically said I was Pos and made me an apt with another doc 4 weeks away!  Yikes!  anyway, my partner has not been tested yet.  I have insurance through my work but he does not.  He is affraid to get tested without insurance thinking once he is diagnosed it would be hard to get medical coverage due to the whole pre-existing condition thing.  I think it is just a matter of us both being a little scared and not having enough info to go by.  But some good news, my boss has agreed to add him to my policy (of course I had to out myself at work to get this arranged...sure hope my partner appreciates it).  I will be in touch and love to come back to learn as much as I can about all this.  Thanks again.  I am off to call some of these resources!!!


It is gret to hear that your boyfriend will be on your policy. Insurance is good to have regardless of HIV status. You are a great guy for getting your boyfriend on you policy. And I am sure he does appreciate it.

Keep us posted,


Hello and welcome!

Sorry about your diagnosis.  You may feel overwhelmed, I know I did, but this will pass.  We are here for you.  One day at a time OK?


First off... unless you live in Massachusetts, your income is not going to affect whether your partner qualifies for medical assistance, and won't until marriage is legal fo everyone... so that being said... the access your partner has to medical care is entirely dependent on where you live.  If you are from Washington State, you probably got it made.  If you live in South Carolina, you better move.  Now. 

Check out your local AIDS organizations.  They know everything about where to do for assistance.  And, for your partner's sake, I hope you live in a good state.

As for you... be glad you have insurance.  They can't deny you coverage since it is not a preexisting condition.  and even then, they have a tough time doing so.   


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