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Hey everybody. I need some guidence about my symptoms. ummmmmmm, k?

First I had a test done 3 weeks after my exposure, negative. Then a couple days later i had this strange thing grow on the shaft of my wee wee. It was a circular vein with an x vein inside and had a blood blister in the center, right. I popped it, it scabbed. Thought it was herpes. Now things are making more sence as I describe more.
6 weeks after my exposure i did a dna pcr test, came back " not detected" then a couple days after that I had a rash on my right leg, and a blood blister on my left leg, looked like KS.
13 weeks after my exposure I did a Home Access test, came back negative. But I have a blood blister thing on my arm, lost a shitload of weight. like 30lbs, always tired, wake up at 4am no matter what time I go to sleep. WTF is going on with me? Now i have like peeling skin on my upper left eyelid, had a bunch of tiny veins in it at first, put some lotion on it, went down but still there. I have a small red spot on my left arm and right leg. Im sure that I am poz, just with all these symptoms. Now I know its not the end of the world if I am bc of all the medicines available, but hypothetically if I am for sure poz, would HAART clear up KS lesions almost indefinitly? Any advise people, I need everybodys support.

God Bless.

What ever your problems are it's not from HIV. You are HIV negative.


KS doesn't show up in a newly infected person and besides, KS is something only a doctor can diagnose. Are you a doctor? Thought not.

You are hiv negative, period, end of story. Stop practicing medicine on yourself without a license and go to your doctor with your concerns. They have nothing to do with hiv.


But KS is described as an overgrowth of blood vessels. which I had on my penis and leg, and arm. So, I am waking up at 4am with a light sweat every night! and I am getting new small red blotches on my skin every couple weeks. Had weight loss, which is an indicator of KS. I know that Im not a doctor, but I know how to put 2 and 2 together. So, the Home Access at 13 weeks is conclusive? When I called to get my results, they say 6 months. Please share your knowledge people.

If you would have  taken the time to read the lessons and the transmission section you would know all of this already. All the information is available in those areas. Read the "Welcome" thread and follow the link. You do not have KS even if you do know 2+2=4.


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