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- 10 days ago, protected oral and vaginal sex with prostitute
- Changed position, erection went away, so she stimulated me WITHOUT a condom
- Before entry, put new condom on
- No condom slippage or breakage


-After changing positions, while being stimulated I closed my eyes for about 10 seconds. I felt like she put some liquid on the head of my penis. It could have been saliva, vaginal secretions....or blood. If it was a drop of blood (probably not more, since I would have noticed), and it did touch my urethra, is it possible that it entered my urethra when she put another condom on and we had sex again for 2 minutes till I came?

Is is easy for a drop of blood to enter the urethra?

Does entering the urethra mean entering your bloodline (don't know the English word for it, sorry)

I know chances for getting HIV after a single unprotected episode are rather low. However, while heterosexual, vaginal sex, blood does not often occur. Does this mean that when a drop of blood actually did touch my urethra, my chances are much greater than by having 1 time unprotected sex?

Please help.

Also, what about vaginal secretions? (Chances of the liquied being the latter are, I think, higher than that it was blood. Is that dangerous? Is it true that hand to genital contact does not result in HIV transmission?)

You don't get HIV from being masterbated.

I know chances of hand to genital contact is very small. However, does this take into account menstrual or blood from the hand?

If blood from her hand contacted my urethra, what then? The problem is then not being masterbated, but mucous membrane exposure.

I do not want to sound totally paranoid, but i def. did feel liquid. Saliva would have been totally harmless, and vaginal secretions also, I think. But I can't sleep at night, fearing it was a drop of blood.

If so, could it have went inside my urethra and into my bloodstream?
I have heard that there has to be 'sufficient' amount of HIV to infect one. But what is sufficient?

Chances of hand to genitals isn't a small risk it's a NO RISK.


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