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Severe night sweating

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I can't get this possibility out of my head to be HIV+. I visited doctor last week. Today I received my blood and urine test results. The doctor said thad blood test is OK, but urine test could be better. I would not like to tell doctor I`m scared about HIV. What should I do? I still have a temperature ~99.1 and night sweats which makes me realy depressed and stressed. HIV test will be able made only after 2.5 weeks when six weeks will be gone from the distrustful intercourse.

Geesh, you don't have to do anything except to move on. You didn't have a risk, you didn't do anything risky and that is all there is to it.

Andy Velez:
Anything less than 100 is not considered a fever. As you have already been told you were not at risk during this recent incident. Condoms provide very effective protection. They really do the job so keep on using them everytime you have intercourse.

Whatever is going on symptomatically has nothing to do with HIV. If you still have concerns discuss them HONESTLY with your doctor. It won't change the situation. This is still not an HIV problem, but it's always good to level with your doctor as fully as possible in order to get the most accurate diagnosis, including eliminating what is NOT an issue.


Four weeks are gone from the distrustful intercourse and I have made HIV test. Results are negative. When should I testing for HIV again?

Your next annual physical. You didn't need to test the first time. End of subject.


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