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Severe night sweating

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Many thanks for all yours answers  :)

But... I`m still scared of being HIV+. My doctor ordered sonogram of my thyroid yesterday. I have made it today and sonogram showed thyroid is more active, little bigger as it should be and it has cysts. Could the thyroid problems related with HIV? Tempearature and night sweats are gone now, 4 1/2 weeks after the distrustful intercourse. The fact that all symptoms (night sweets, head ache and temperature) are gone away in one day makes me more stressful.

Whatever your thyroid problems are they have nothing to do with HIV.  The activities you were involved in are NO RISK activities.  The sooner you shift your focus away from HIV as the cause the sooner you can find the real underlying issues.

Andy Velez:
And if any troubling symptoms persist you should discuss them with your doctor.

Given what you have reported, they have nothing to do with HIV. Period.


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