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Risk from Cunnilingus - conflicting data

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Dear members,

Thanks for your great job.

I read the lessons and understand that you believe cunnilingus is no risk. Most of other sites though (even the ones not trying to scare) are saying that there is 1:20000 risk for HIV to transmit. Given the fact that there billions of these acts, we would have quite a few occurences of the transmission though.

Your position seems to me more defined and clear though, you are saying no risk!

Does not this happen because of the saliva blocking  effect it or the difference between the vaginal and cervical fluids? Why do you think other websites still maintain their position?

I had an unprotected cunnilingus a year ago and had no symptoms or worries, but came accross some articles mentioning some potential risks and became worried.

Also re the symptoms - and i know your view on this in general....Why some sites say "most people don't have any" and some say that about 80-90% do have some? What is your view?

I beleived that the fact that i had no symptoms was almost definite that i did not catch it, but with this different info, i get concerned a bit. I had a normal sex life with my wife for the last 1 year and she did not have any symptoms either during this period!

Thanks a lot - great job you do guys! This virus made many people maniacal i guess

Andy Velez:
Alex, we can't account for what other websites put out. We simply give out here what is responsible, well-grounded information to the best of our ability, based on science and experience.

Is cunnilingus a risk for HIV transmission? Yes, but only theoretically. There have yet to be documented cases in this manner. Given what a common act it is sexually, we would have known long before today if it was more than a theoretical risk. Not only does the giver's saliva create a barrier to HIV transmission, the female fluid most likely to carry HIV, (IF the woman is HIV positive), is in the cervical area. You'd need a very unusually long tongue to penetrate to the cervix to even create a possible risk.

I can't help wondering if you were already married when this incident happened. If you were, then I'm also guessing that your undue concern is really about some guilt related to the incident. If that is so, do yourself, your wife and your life a big favor and take a deep breath and let it go. Burdening yourself with this unwarranted concern is no love tribute to your wife nor a testament to your higher character. Get on with your life.

With regard to that incident, HIV is not an issue for you.



Thanks Andy,

Of course you are right and i realize that most of my worries are because of guilt and would not happen otherwise.

Just for my education - could you please give your view on the second question i had regarding the symptoms statistics and how frequently this happend that one have absolutely no early symptoms if infected


I didn't have any symptoms ever.

I see RapidRod,

And what is your view on the subject if you don't mind.

Ann, can you give you view as well please...


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